In 1852, when the Vranjevo cemetery was moved from the center of the town into the present location, a small church dedicated to St.George was built. This, one- sided sacral building with three towers and five-sided apse, was built in 1926 as a foundation of Milanko Stanković and his wife Sofija Grujić. The church is in classical style with certain elements of eclectic. According to architectural drawings, it supposed to be a monumental structure. In 2005 the temple was declared as a cultural monument by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Members of the Stanković family was buried near this small orthodox church, i.e. St.George Chapel. It was built by a castle builder Pal Maćaš from Novi Bečej, while iconostasis and wall decoration was done by „The first factory of Serbian ecclesiastical influences“, the firm from Belgrade. It was renovated in 1983 and it is gifted on the day of Holy Great Mortyr George. 

“It was not hard to leave everything for love, and rank, and wealth, and emperor’s honor, and friends and the whole world by the love of Christ the Lord. For this love, the Lord rewards him with a crown of glory in heaven and on earth and in the eternal life in his kingdom. He has given the Lord the strength and power to help him in misery and trouble to all who worship him and his name. “

Tropar the Holy Great Martyr George.

Address: 4 Milošev put

Phone: 023/771-867

(make an appointment before visiting; on church holidays and days for church service)

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