This is the only museum of old tractors and steam machines in the Balkans. Its owner, Čedomira Žeravica (53) from Novo Miloševo, exhibited about sixty rare museum pieces.

One of the museum’s attractions is the American tractor Hart Parr made in 1914, the oldest preserved tractor in the country and farther. It was constructed by two American students.

This collectors paradise is the part of  „Boš dizel-centra Žeravica” , officially the best service for the well-known German company products in the ex-Yu territory and in Hungarian territory. Čedomir’s late father, Milivoj, passed his love for agricultural old-timers to his son, who got the idea to open the museum about twenty years ago.

Everything started when his father wished to have the American tractor Fordson from 1924, which he admired when he was a child. He contacted Ljuba Radivojević from Kragujevac who resold agricultural machinery.

When he came to take the tractor, he was very surprised when he saw more old tractors in Ljuba’s backyard. He tried to persuade Ljuba to sell him everything but he already promised them to a foreign buyer. Purchasing Fordson laid the foundations to the museum which officially started to work in 1983 as Čedomir Žeravica told us.

His father had been trying to get the old tractors in every possible way, and that wasn’t easy at all. However, the biggest problem was lack of money:

Čedomir recalls that sometimes trade failed in bargaining because of 100 or 200 euro. His father was very upset because of that. Milivoj inherited the love for technique and machines from his father Milorad. Grandfather Milorad founded in the mid 20th century in Novo Miloševo, the workroom –forerunner of today’s service.

Čedomir didn’t pay much attention to this unusual collection until his father died.

He said: “When I saw similar museum four years ago in Budapest, I decided to make something similar to be a part of service. I bought about twenty tractors made between 1945 and 1955.”

“There are 20 tractors and steam machines exhibited in the museum now: McCormick, Case, Bulldog, Hoffer and others, and ten of them are placed in the backyard.” 

“The rest of machines are waiting to be renewed and polished. Most of the tractors and locomobiles – steam machines, are good and can be used.”

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