Papers say that there has been a church in Bočar village since 1758. The smallest village in Novi Bečej municipality had a church made of baked brick with the wooden tower. Today Orthodox churchin Bočaris dedicated to the Council of St. Gabriel the Archangel and it was probably built on the foundations of the old church.

The new Orthodox church was built in the center of Bočar in 1814. One nave building with five-sided altar apse, with the long naos and two stories bell tower. The churchyard was once fenced with the brick fence and its remaining can be seen today. The windows are in the deep niches.  A richly profiled roof is decorated with ornaments in the form of a meander. The main entrance is on the west side and the bell tower is above it. It is decorated with angular pilasters with Ionian capitals and covered with a pyramidal cap. The first baroque cap of the bell tower was ruined in the past by the thunder strike and was replaced with the new one that has been here even today. Iconostasis and woodworking were made in the second half of the 18th century. The stylish features of baroque and gilded icon’s frames and paintings with the features of “transitional style” are the proof of painting authenticity. The year and the painter remained unknown, but what is certain is that the iconostasis belonged to Orthodox church in Vranjevo and that was bought and moved here in 1826. This iconostasis was probably painted by Dimitrije and Teodor Popović from Nagybecskerek (Zrenjanin). The church is not painted inside but we think it used to be.

Conservation and restoration was done in 2006 and 2007 at the order of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments. It was reconstructed in 2014 before the celebration of two centuries of existence.

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