St. Michael the archangel church in Kumane, Novi Bečej municipality, was built in the period from 1822 to 1832. Kumane had a small church even in 1758, made of bushing, covered with shingles, arched with blue painted boards. The churchyard was fenced by reed and it had about ten icons. The icon of Saint Patron of this church- St. Michael the Archangel had a special place in the temple. Ten years later, Teodor Ilić Češljar, one of the greatest Serbian baroque painter, painted icons of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary with Jesus Christ and St. Michael the Archangel. In memory of his parents, the painter left in the village his first preserved piece of art – Shroud on the purple silk with golden and in color painted figures and ornaments. Today the Shroud and the icons are in Bishop’s Palace of the Banat Eparchy in Vršac. Today’s temple was built in baroque and classical style. This luxurious style wasn’t typical for that time.

The temple building started in 1823. Until the end of it, the church service was held in the classroom. It is very interesting that there are no similar church in Vojvodina according to Urban planning. It is the one nave building with the bell tower on its west side. The classicism is emphasized in the iconostasis. Carved decorative motifs are herbal styling. Nikola Aleksić, a church writer and an icon painter from Temisoara diocese, worked on iconostasis and wall painings in 1854. He painted 47 icons, wall decorations, on the arch of soleja (Gr:η σολέα) he painted a monumental wall composition Holy Trinity with gospel writers, five paintings where Jesus speaks to Mary Magdaleneholding a shovel in his left hand. The Virgin and Archbishop’s Throne, choir planking and singing chairs are also from this period of time. The building of this magnificent sacral building had ended in 1832, an in 1842 and 1846, Mihajlo and Lazar Janjić carved the iconostasis.

In 1834 four new bells were put in the tower, but Austro-Hungarian state melted them for the army. The small bell from KaraczonySipahi in Beodra (Novo Miloševo) came as a substitute. When the war was over, the temple got four new bells in 1923.

From then until today, church service is hold. The church was renewed and the wall decoration was preserved and restored in 2016 and 2017.

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