Kotarka Museum is Novo Miloševo homeland museum, and it can be said for all Banat. Behind the Doric order lies grain store that belonged to the Karačonji family whose mansion stands opposite today’s museum. The grain store is special today because there can be found huge collection of museum pieces, old furniture, dishes, tools and other interesting things that represent the history of Banat village.


“Old City” is the remaining of barely visible fortress located one kilometer upstream from Novi Bečej downtown, which testifies about little known history of this place. Roman bricks which was later built into the medieval fortress, tell us that once there was a fortification on the sand island in the middle of the river. It was used to secure the river crossing at the spot where a ferry and its crew stood. They charged crossing and controlled river cruising. Fortified city was mentioned at the beginning of  ‘30s in the 14th century when it was written about certain castellan, the commander of the fortress.


On Novi Bečej territory there is a part of Nature Park “Old Tisa” nearby Pearl Island. It is the longest meander of the river Tisa: 24,5km. It is situated on the territories of Bečej, Žabalj and Novi Bečej municipalities. Its manager is public company “Komunalac” from Bečej. Nearby Novi Bečej its coverage is 391ha, and 182,6ha belongs to Novi Bečej municipality. Protected area is 380,51ha big. The protection regime of the second degree is set for the 21,49ha and of the third degree for 370,23ha. Nature Park “Old Tisa” was put under protection because of preserving the biggest fluvial lake in our country which is an important biotope for 11 plant communities, 23 fish species, 7 amphibian species, 3 reptile species, 166 bird species, significant number of mammals,and 100 taxa of vascular flora . Among protected species there are: Ferrugious (white-eye) duck, White-tailed eagle, Saker falcon (on the list of endangered species), and nesting birds like: Eurasian (great) bittern, Western marsh harrier, and among mammals: otter, Beech marten and ermine.

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