St. Patron of the village, sports events, cultural and artistic activities in Novi Bečej are most visited. Sheep Breeding Days, Days of Bočar Village, Days of Novo Miloševo Village, St. Istvan ,The meeting of winegrowers of Vojvodina are also important events that are an important part of our tourist offer. Cultural activities and events: Multicultural weekend, Novi Bečej Municipality Folklore Dancing Fest, Horizons on the Tisa "Days of JosifMarinković" (solo singing competition), The Tisa Academy of Watercolors, known for the works and exhibitions of excellent watercolorists,Teodor Pavlović Days, „Jovan Knežević Caca“ Comedy Days, Laza Telečki Days, Ričaj Fest-Hungarian Folk Art, are all traditional events in our town.
Sports events are also very popular: European Kung Fu Wushu competition in Kumane, famous sports weekend in June, Motos Meet, Fishing Fest at VelikaGospojina, Kung Fu Wushu Balkan Championship, Spinning Rod Fishing Cup Novi Bečej-Živica Barbul Žika Memorial.
People of Novi Becčejare pleased to invite you to visit them and be their dear guests at these beautiful events, because you are welcomed whenever you come, and have fun!