“The Long Night of Museums” is the unique cultural event that holds in more than 120 cities worldwide. Serbia has been part of it since 2005. Novi Bečej, our beautiful Vojvodinian town, prepares an interesting program for the visitors in its three museums, every year in May. The same night when other museums open their doors to give their visitors extra experience, Novi Bečej Municipality does the same. In addition to permanent exhibitions, thematic exhibitions and various educational, cultural and entertainment activities are organized.
Tourist Organization of Novi Bečej Municipality and Homeland Club of Vranjevo and Novi Bečej (their head office is in the museum GlavašHouse), surprise every year the visitors and locals with the interesting program: music, literature, performances, everything is in line with the Night of Museum motto. Therefore, if you find yourself in our beautiful town that evening, we recommend you to be a part of an unforgettable spring evening bathed in the scents of roses in our museums: "Glavaš House" in Novi Bečej, "Kotarka" and "Žeravica" in Novo Miloševo.