The Special Nature Reserve "SlanoKopovo" with its 976 ha, is a pearl of rare flora and fauna of our Pannonian plain. Every November, the saltwater lake of steppe in the paleomeanders of the Pannonian Plain becomes a real stage where the main role is played by various species of migratory birds, especially cranes. Bird lovers, locals, children, visitors… the show is perfect for them. Cranes – magnificent birds that have their rest stop here on their way to Africa. Gray autumn clouds swollen from the rain, are hidden by tens of thousands of birds and the scene is as unreal as on a movie screen. Spectacular winds that make whirlpools of sleeping salt deposited at the bottom of the lake, with mirages that look like reality…We named this show “The Crane Fest”.
In addition to various thematic workshops, watching these birds from the lookout is an adventure that can rarely be experienced anywhere. Children enjoy the most in creative and educational workshops, in outdoor activities, competitions etc. On those days cranes can be seen on children’s drawings, origami and on magnets. Hunting association Novi Bečej, which is the manager of the reserve, organizes activities for counting and ringing birds. Slano Kopovo is an inspiration for artists, photographers, scientists, biologist, ornithologists, ecologists and everyone who loves nature and the world.
Welcome whenever you come!