International fishing competition “Manić Tisa 63“ is held every year at the beginning of December. This famous winter cod fishing, known as Manić, that migrated from Northern Sea into our waters, takes place near the river Tisa dam. The Association of Tisa River Lovers Club "Tisa 63" in co-organization with the Tourist Organization and the Municipality of Novi Becej are the main "culprits" for the existence of this festival. Excellent fishermen and those who want to become one, cooks from Serbia and abroad, participate in this unusual event. Complete enjoyment in this winter “village” gives “Traditional VojvodinianRular Pig Slaughter” and Sausage Making Competition, activities that attract adventurers and fans of Vojvodina cuisine.
Demonstration of traditional meat processing with tasting of specialties such as: hot čvarci ,Hurka sausage, homemade sausages and other meat delicacies, good brandy and excellent wines, will warm your heart and soul. A rich cultural and art program, through traditional song, dance and customs of the people who live in this area, complete the winter image of the farm by the river. With the first snowflakes and cold winter days, when the river Tisa is covered with a cloak of whitish fog, allow yourself another adventure before the New Year holidays, be part of our gastro fest - "Manić Tisa 63".
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