Novi Bečej, a beautiful small town on the river Tisa, organizes a traditional Vojvodinian event “VelikaGospojina Days” for 25 years. It is one of the biggest family events, open to people of all ages and affections and every year it has about 20.000 visitors who return gladly to Novi Bečej to enjoy in various day and night event programs for all generations.
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Among many surprises, you can enjoy in the famous Banat cuisine, Fish Soup Cooking Competition, tamburitza orchestra from Banat, Bačka, and Srem concerts, Harnessed Horse Parade.
Thousands of visitors from all over the country come here to spend couple of sunny days near the river Tisa. Novi Bečej welcomes its guests with open arms as a true host. During these days guests from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica and from our neighbor countries, Hungary, Croatia, B&H, Slovenia, Romania come here to sing along and have fun.
The Dormition of the Mother of God, known as VelikaGospojina, was celebrated as a Patron Saint Day of the town for the first time in 1994, and it is still celebrated every year. That year, the first Harnessed Horse Parade was organized on the river Tisa Quay, when the Equestrian Club "Vranjevo" and their guests presented themselves to their fellow citizens and visitors with a beautiful parade of harnessed horses and riding horses. On the plateau near the Tisa, equestrian clubs presented a parade of their best horses, and a special attraction was the five horses harness. It was a trademark of Novi Bečej since 1872, when Franz Joseph I, the Emperor of Austria, rode in one of it through the main street of Vranjevo. Until then, it was the privilege of emperors and nobles, and now it is ours as well.
A small orthodox church – a monastery next to the river Tisa, is dedicated to the Dormition of the Mother of God and celebrates its Saint Patron’s Day on 28th August. The Lity or Litiyá, a festive religious procession, starts from the church of St. Nicholas, through the center of Novi Bečej to the small monastery. The celebration of the Dormation is accompanied by fairs with Licitars Hearts, silk candies, toys, carousels... The Orthodox Church, believers and citizens of NoviBečej have always celebrated this holiday, but much more humbly in the spirit of old times, when they went to the service in the monastery, lit candles for the health of the family and in the evening they went to the VelikaGospojinaFair known as the "Buč".
Velika Gospojina outgrow this modest village celebration, and became richer and various from year to year. Velika Gospojina Field Fest becomes the biggest side event of Velika Gospojina Days. On the plateau near the Tisa, farmers exhibit and present their products,attract visitors by putting agricultural and attachment machines into operation, organize competitions in the skill of tractor management, represent the latest achievements in the field of agricultural production. In addition to manufacturers of agricultural machinery, there are also manufacturers of plant protection products, machinery and equipment for beekeeping, pellet production and many other manufacturers in the field of agriculture. Special emphasis is on encouraging young people to stay in the countryside as well as introducing young people to new trends in agriculture. At this exceptional exhibition of agriculture, cattle breeders with the most representative heads from their stables are exclusively presented, and the exhibition of decorative animals is very interesting for children.
The special place in this event has the Harnessed Horse Parade. It is a trademark of VelikaGospojina since 1995, when the first Čilaš (gray horse) trotted on the plateau next to the river Tisa. One, two, three, four, five and more harnessed horses, with their parade performances, has provided pleasure to lovers of horses and equestrian sports for many years.
The best and most representative heads of famous stables from the surrounding area and further, have the opportunity to show themselves on this unique equestrian track. A few years ago, a children's team joined the show, which was a special joy for them.
Nevertheless, five harnessed horses is still the largest attraction of the Parade.
And the fact that tamburitza players and Vojvodinaethno songs are an unavoidable segment of our Gospojina, is shown by their concert on the summer stage when Srem, Banat and Bačka compete with each other.
Competition of tamburitza orchestras with good wine, delicious Banat cuisine and good jokes as only Lalas can do.
An none of it would be complete without excellent chefs and connoisseurs of fish specialties who are ready to "fight" at any time at "Gospojina Fish Pot Competition".
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The best and the most delicious fish soup is in Novi Bečej. For the lovers of good craft beer, we made a special street: Craft Beer Street! The best tastes of the great brewers!
In the very center of the city, the Ethno Bazaar attracts visitors of all generations. It is a special exhibition and sales event of handicrafts, products of old craftsmen, handmade sweets, strudels and other desserts that are typical of Vojvodina.
In three days of Velika Gospojina a large number of exhibitors from Vojvodina presents their authentic products through an exceptional combination of different cultures and customs of our plain.
The spirit of the Banat tradition, ethno variety, kind craftsmen and sellers make Novi Bečej shine in all the colors of summer.
Beautiful souvenirs, decorative items, flowers, candies ... everything represents Gospojina.