Хостел “Стара врањевачка општина” у Новом Бечеју

Vranjevo, once parted from Novi Bečej, is especially interesting as a spatial, cultural and historical entity, to which the Old Municipality in Vranjevo also belongs. It is a true historical jewel of our municipality. This building was entirely used as municipality office building till 1944. For a long time it was empty, and today is a charming hostel.

Protected building in the center of the Old Vranjevo Municipality is nicely and comfortably decorated hostel intended for all visitors and friends who want to spend a few days in our town. People from Novi Bečej are specially proud of this spatial, cultural and ambient entity that has a great cultural and historical value. It has a good location in the center of Vranjevo which radiates true Banat spirit in architecture, style and local’s way of life. Old Vranjevo Municipality Hostel is the real beauty in our town. Considering that Vranjevo was the center of cultural and spiritual life of Serbs in North Banat, this building also represents a significant and authentic place with an interesting historical story.

If you want an experience for all senses, if you want peace and tranquility of the Banat plain, quiet nights and pleasant days with the best gastronomic specialties of Banat, you are in the right place. Novi Bečej and „Old Vranjevo Municipality Hostel“ can give you that. There are 44 beds in the comfortable rooms,the bathroom, the kitchenette and the big dining hall for numerous evens: promotions, conferences, birthday parties, anniversaries etc. Neat and spacious garden with green grass as a carpet, car park with video surveillance, and security offered to visitors is worth mentioning.

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