Strudel fest in Novo Miloševo is widely known gastro event which is centered around Banat Strudel. Every Year, Novo Miloševo, a village in Novi Bečej Municipality, offers unforgettable experience to the locals and visitors at the beginning of August. You can participate in the strudel making competition, children participate in the mini workshop "Hands in the Dough", and the longest strudel is also made. Experienced housewives of the "old school", and younger housewives who get the opportunity to show and prove themselves, knead the most delicious strudels made of: cheese, poppy seeds, cherries, walnuts, carob...
Except these treats, you can try some of the best products of the old crafts masters: halva, kretoš (made of sugar), silk candies, or Lebzelter Heart which you can buy as a present to someone you love. This is also an opportunity to exchange recipes with kind housewives from the Women's Association of Novo Miloševoand make lifelong friends. An exceptional cultural and artistic program with Banat motifs of songs and games, in the country style, is a part of the event. It gives visitors the feeling and experience of life in old Banat.The tastes are different, but one thing is for sure, you can try the best and most delicious strudels only here. Welcome whenever you come!