Bean Fest, so called OPASULJIVANJE, near the river Tisa, is one of those long-standing gastro festivities that have found their safe, highly positioned place in the world of events. Already famous Bean Fest in Novi Bečej gathers many eminent chefs and gastro wizards from Vojvodina, Serbia and abroad. Everybody can cook this traditional food, no matter if you are famous or not in the culinary world.
Be there and show us what you can. Valuable prizes come after cooking, and above all, getting together withfriends, eating delicious beans and having good wines from our region. If we add tamburitza players and the river Tisa, which carries the scents of hot July and a pleasant evening, this is an event you should not miss. The event takes place is in the Gradište Marina. We expect you in the flickering month of July.