Banat Frühstück (breakfastat) on Strow

Lala says: “Good Frühstück is essential for a good start to the day”.

If you want to have a good Frühstück in our town, you need a good host who serves homemade brandy (rakija) to welcome you and has a table full of specialties from Banat cuisine. Experiencing Banat is not easy, you need to indulge in the intoxicating smells and tastes of our plain and we guarantee that you will enjoy it. Old folks never left home without good Frühstück, and it was even better if they had it in the field, or vineyard, or straw. Homemade bacon, čvarci (variant of pork rinds), scrapple, Hurka Sausage, homemade sausages, homemade Pogača (type of bread), onion and garlic with fresh tomatoes and peppers are just a fraction of the delicious snacks you can try on our straw. As a special edition to our Frühstück, we offer Strudel and jam pastries. The atmosphere knitted with the spirit of the former Banat, the tastes, smells and sounds of our Vojvodina that intertwine like invisible threads through endless fields, remain forever in the memory of our dear visitors. We invite you to “Banat Frühstück on Strow”, all day long anywhere you want to be served!